A downloadable game for Windows

♦ What ?
It's a game in a personal diary. It's a love letter addressed to a certain cowboy. It's a roadtrip with two lovers who will fight for each other and get to a happy ending.

♦ How ?
This game was made with Construct 2 and TV Paint Animation Pro. All visuals and the poorly executed guitar noises was made by myself, the birds and nature sounds come from www.universal-soundbank.com

To play this game you need a mouse and a keyboard. You have two choices : simply read the story or spice your reading with some minigames !

I'm sorry it's only running on PC. 

♦ Why ?
This little game was made for the Gay Western Jam, in december 2019.

♦ Thanks !
to Robert Yang, for proposing this nice gamejam (and for his whole work in general)
to my partner for their support and for helping me with text translations. There still could be some mistakes or weird formulations, I'm sorry for that.

♦ Why "with no horse" ?
When you think "cowfolk" you also almost always think "horse". Like, horses are important for the "Western mood". I like horses, you know. They are cool animals. I respect them. But I absolutely don't know how to draw them. So, no horses in this game.


Unzip & Play - A western love story reworked version (win32) 246 MB
[JAM VERSION] Unzip & Play - A Western Love Story.zip (win 32) 237 MB

Development log


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Super, mais pourquoi ne pas en l'avoir rendu English/Français !!!

Les westerns doublé en français c'est bien aussi !!! ;-)

PS: quand je joue, je me fais toujours rattraper par les méchants (X - N), alors de la à voir l'océan ...

Merci pour ton retour :D 

A vrai dire j'avais pensé à une version française mais comme tout le texte est écrit à la main ça aurait été une grosse part de boulot en plus. Et comme j'étais un peu pris par le temps j'ai abandonné.

Le petit jeu X-N est pas facile ouais :T Courage!!

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ughhhh my heart is so full :')))) the charcoal art style really on some whole other level with that shading

Thank you!! :D

Does this have to come with an installer?
Can you provide a .zip version that is unpack and play?


Yep ! No problem I do it right now.

Thank you!! :D

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Love this game so much<3

Thanks a lot !

That was super nice ( ᵔᵕᵔ )

It's funny because I read the description before playing, and I saw it had a happy ending, and then I was in the game, reading the story and I forgot all about that and I was like "THIS BETTER END WELL" because they are so cute and I didn't want it to end in a sad way ^^' So I finished reading it with a big smile :) And I really think all the parts really play well together, the art style and the music (only "meh" thing is the text font, it breaks things a bit that it doesn't follow the pages shape... handwriting would have been awesome /o/).

Thank you for this quiet and nice game :)

Waow thanks a lot !! I'm super glad you appreciated playing it ! c: 
The handwriting is a very good idea I'll definitely keep the idea in mind when I'll continue working on it with the "playable" part !

Thanks to you !! :D

this was so lovely. absolutely love your art style, and your guitar playing made the experience in playing this so enjoyable!


:O thank you so much ! I'm very glad you enjoyed playing it !!!